About U scope


The stethoscope was invited over 200 ago.

It has been an essential tool for any health care practitioner.

Yet the stethoscope has always been the same.

But there were some questions in our mind.

“Is this really an ideal shape?”

“Why it hasn’t changed for so long?”

This less us to redesign the stethoscope from 0.



We worked with the top class stethoscope manufacturers

and the best product designers in the industry.

However, it took us almost 3 years to conquer this challenge.

The beautiful look of the product isn’t its only appeal.

The design, the material and every component

of the device makes it something special.


High Quality Acoustic

U scope’s beauty is not only about its look, but it’s about the quality of sound.

U scope is designed so that air doesn't escape from the diaphragm to the ear piece.

This minimizes sound decay.


The most comfortable fit

Our signature streamlined shape,

and its inner T-shape structure portion helps to reduce the pressure on ears by 30%.


Comfort around your neck.

This streamlined shape also fits to doctor’s neck.

The shape of cubic curve, unique to auditory tube,

reduced the pressure on the neck.

Its round shape, based on décolleté line,

is not only comfortable to wear but it also adds elegance to doctors.


Ergonomically designed chest piece.

To look smarter while not using the product,

U scope can be folded so it fits into a pocket.


Portability to next level.

The most notable point to mention is this special chest piece.

It has been created through ergonomic designing so it fits naturally to our fingers.

It also fits patient’s body and allows optimum wrist movement for doctors,

resulting in better hearing.


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