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Here is what we think makes the best gifts for doctors

Premium Fit Lab Coats

Lab coats bring in a lot of attention and creates the first impression. Unfortunately, most of the lab coats available for doctors in the market does not fit well and looks bad. Doctors have to cover their stylish clothes with horrible looks lab coats. Classico`s premium lab coats are meant to fit and feel like a suit for a doctor. They come in different styles and in many fabric types to suit any need. We guarantee that these lab coats are a class apart from any other lab coat.


Global Design Award Winning Stethoscope

Stethoscope design has remained the same for centuries and no company has successfully been able to make a drastic design change to the product until the launch of Classico`s Uscope. The product garnered great appreciation from customers globally even before it`s release through crowdfunded websites and it also was awarded for its innovative design. Many doctors see the U scope as functional jewellery.


Scrubs That Serves The Purpose

12 hour work hours are never easy for anyone. Doctors and nurses are one of the highest hour crunching hard workers of our generation. When one is working that hard, it better be with clothes which gives them easy movement, stretchable, breathes better, easy to remove and wear and also stylish. Scrubs have never been trendy but off late, scrubs have been known to create a style on its own with by providing comfort, fit, amazing personality. Classico`s lighttech scrubs are super light scrubs which are at least 40% lighter than any other scrub.


Ever Needed a Guide to Gift Your Doctor?

We got you covered.

Make sure your gift gets your doctor to thank you every single day

Does your gift qualify the three factors?


Doctors generally receive many gifts which are perishable and does not create much utility


Everyone loves to feel unique and most of the times, that is what we try to achieve


Your gifts should certainly not just be unique but also have qualities which makes it better

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Med School Graduation Gifts Reimagined

For graduation gifts that could make any graduate level up!

One automatically feels like a medical professional once inside a lab coat. Graduates tend to have an higher enthuthiasm to wear one. Make them proud and confident with their name and title embroidered on the Classico Lab coat.


Uscopes are stylish, functional, innovative and new in every sense like a new graduate. Uscope is certainly a great investment for any new graduate for his/future. Keep in mind it`s FDA approved with highest certifications.


Comments from Our Customers


The Lab coats are certainly premium and such amazing confident boosters when you really want the. I am a proud owner of this fine product”