About Scrubs

“Supporting healthcare professionals and delivering work clothes

that uplift the spirit.”

We achieve this goal by designing

functional and stylish scrubs made from carefully

selected premium materials


We have created an original fabric by blending

cotton and polyester.

The fabric is velvety soft, lightweight,

and wrinkle resistant.

Unique dyeing method has added a beautiful

glossy finish and additional softness to the texture.

However, that's not all.

We have conducted a durable deodorizing process

on our fabrics that will significantly eliminate

all bad smells caused by sweating and

exposure to strong smells.


Unlike the standardized scrubs, Classico's scrubs

have been designed separately for man and women,

fitting perfectly to every individual.

Women's scrubs will accentuate the silhouette

with an A-line outline and

a shallow rounded V-neck.


The pants are universal for all body shapes

and have a high-class silhouette.

The straight line design is neither too skinny nor baggy,

making it easy to move in these pants.



Our strict passion for details is what makes

Classico clothing special.

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