Classico Showcases its renowned lab coat at Ramathibodi Hospital

Posted on July 09 2019

Classico Showcases its renowned lab coat at Ramathibodi Hospital


Classico, a leading medical apparel brand recognized for the finest quality products designed to elevate and enhance day-to-day life of healthcare professionals, had showcased its full line of tailored lab coats and scrubs at Ramathibodi Hospital’s Annual Pediatrics Review 2019 (June 21-24, 2019). Some of the products featured advanced fabric technologies, namely Urban, Cool Tech and Deo, ideal for medical practitioner’s use.

Ramathibodi Hospital’s Annual Pediatrics Review 2019 is Classico’s first product exhibition in Thailand. Nevertheless, Classico was able to provide doctors with exclusive first-hand experience on its products and differentiate itself through trade-mark premium design, cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship used to provide utmost function and comfort.

At the event, Classico’s authentic and luxurious lab coats received remarkable interests from doctors and other participants.

Upon trying the Women’s Lab Coat: Light Flare Coat and Plantica collection, a female doctor said,



 “The lab coat we usually wear looks like a uniform. Of course, Classico’s lab coat looks different, but you can feel the difference, even more, when you wear it. Unique designs and Classico’s cuttings would certainly make me more stylish.”



 Another doctor circled Classico’s booth several times and was fascinated by Classico’s lab coat despite being initially startled by the premium price. He later said,




“I genuinely would like to wear the jacket  (Classico Men’s Crafted Lab Jacket White) on public occasions, for example, to academic conferences. The Urban fabric, which is wrinkle-free, feels really pleasant and I love it.”



Through word of mouth, Classico’s booth was flooded with doctors who wished to learn about our sophisticated products and story. Ultimately, they were convinced by our “luxury” and “premium” lab coats and are considering introducing Classico to their hospital. Consequently, Classico is confident that its products will be well-received by Southeast Asian doctors.


About Classico

Classico has been manufacturing premium medical clothing supplying to Japan and the United States since 2008. The company offers an extensive range of high-performance garments for healthcare practitioners, including selections of sophisticated lab coats, scrubs, lab jackets and more. Classico’s premium quality and craftsmanship were well resonated through various international accolades such as the “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award and iF Gold Design Award as well as being featured in numerous TV series.

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