Classico Lab CoatsClassico Lab Coats

Lab Coats

Classico Lab coats have been a game changer when it comes Lab coat designs. Our coats have been constantly evolving and improving over the past decade to create a sense of style, comfort & satisfaction.
We take pride in the fabric used and the Japanese craftsmanship made to create the lab coat and we make sure our customers are enabled with confidence and grace through its sophisticated but classy appearance.

Classico ScrubsClassico Scrubs


While the scrubs have always been a necessity for medical professionals, Classico was the first one to turn them into stylish outfits. We have managed to redesign scrubs into fashionable pieces when everyone else associated them only with comfort and functionality.
Our scrubs will make you feel stylish, young, and lively every day. And let's not forget, they are antimicrobial, anti-wrinkle and extremely comfortable.

Classico ItemsClassico Items


Our core objective is to design new products and revamp existing ones in order to upgrade the quality of life of medical professionals. We have managed to add new value to many commonly used items with outdated form, functionality, quality, and design.

Product with its own identity

The fabric is a crucial element of Classico's products. Our carefully handpicked fabrics will match your personality and make your premium lab coat and scrubs stand out in the crowd.

  • Superior PimaSuperior Pima
  • Urban TechUrban Tech
  • JerseyJersey
  • LightweightLightweight
  • Cool TechCool Tech
  • DeoDeo

Why Classico?

The Classico brand of medical apparel is known for making the highest quality products on the market, specifically designed to improve and enhance the day-to-day life of healthcare professionals. All of our products are designed to make you look your best while our cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology provides the greatest function and comfort. We offer a range of high- performance garments for medical professionals, including selections for high-quality lab coats, scrubs, lab jackets, and more.

Our products, which are made with the finest grades of fabrics, are light weight and pliant for ease of movement and offer moisture wicking technology for cool comfort. You can rely on our designs to meet and exceed the level of performance you need from your professional apparel.

You can always rely on us to provide you with the finest products to support you in your professional life.


Classico Advantage (Special Use)